Overview Risk and Safety Services is composed of five departments: Environmental Health and Safety, the Police Department, Risk Services, Transportation and Parking Services, and the Office of Emergency Management. Each of these units is dedicated to maintaining and promoting some aspect of the health and safety of all members of the campus community.

    Environmental Health & Safety

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    Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for monitoring compliance with environmental, health and safety programs intended to minimize or prevent occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace and to protect the quality of the surrounding environment.

  • Office Of Emergency Management

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    The mission of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is to administer comprehensive emergency management programs to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and reduce the impacts of events that threaten the mission of the university and the safety of the campus community.

  • Police Department

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    The UC Santa Cruz Police Department is committed to actively engaging in a comprehensive community-oriented policing, adopting service to the community as its overarching principle. 

  • Risk Services

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    Risk Services supports the campus by helping departments identify their risk exposures, recommending strategies to reduce or eliminate identified risks, and administering the campus’s insurance programs to facilitate maximum recovery from accidental losses.

  • Transportation and Parking Services

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    Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) supports the University mission of academics, research and public service by providing and managing access to UCSC and overseeing the planning, design and operation of the facilities and programs associated with parking, transit services, and bicycle/pedestrian circulation.